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Which are the Top American Music Bands?

There is nothing that says American music more than the massive following that American music bands have both at home and abroad. Bands like Metallica will easily fill a 100,000 capacity stadium wherever they perform. Different bands have come and gone since the emergence of band culture in 1960’s. However, there are those bands that have made an indelible footprint on the American music scene.


This band’s hallmark was primal raw energy rock delivered in quiet/load dynamic and other contrasts. Fans never really knew what to expect from the Kurt Cobain led band. The music was at times deep and at times shallow, at times furious and at times melancholic. The tragic death of Kurt Cobain might have been taking the world of contrasts a little too far but the band’s music is still wildly loved.


This band rules the world of heavy metal band. Indeed, Metallica have promoted heavy metal music as a genre than any other band, with their sonic and lyrical aggression. Their style is dark spirited with a heavy reliance on sheer volume and images of doom in their music.

The Ramones

When it comes to rock and roll culture, The Ramones made a mark on American music with their three chords, ripped jeans, leather jackets and attitudes as big as gorillas. They set the path for many other bands to follow particularly of the punk type. Some rock fans say The Ramones were famous more as rock culture icons rather than good rockers. Their music was loud dominated by repetitive melodies, buzz saw guitars and basic melodies.


With over five decades on the American music scene, Aerosmith is perhaps the best known American rock band today. This band is famous for their sheer hedonism and debauchery.   Their music features pop hooks, drawling yelling vocals and unique Southern grooves. In a world where boundaries have been blurred across rock, pop and RnB music, Aerosmith appeals to many classic rock fans.

Bruce Springsteen and E-street band

Bruce Springsteen is the ultimate rock superstar, famous on his own and famous with a band behind him. The E-street band has been going strong for over 40 years. Fans love this band for music that relates to ordinary life situations. Perhaps the greatest hit associated with this band is 1984’s Born in the USA which is pretty much misunderstood by a casual listener.


Perhaps the most musically adventurous band on the American music scene in their time, R.E.M was associated with cryptically lyrics and idealism rock which is all inner strife. They still managed to become one of the biggest stadium rock