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Tips for a Great FlatShare Manchester Experience

A flatshare is one of the more exciting times you can have in a lifetime. You will meet new people, and in a city like Manchester, you are likely to have an insight into varied cultures of the world. You can never choose your flatmates in a flatshare Manchester arrangement but you can learn how to live with them. Make your experience great and unforgettable with a few of these tips.

Prepare for the flatshare

You will be living with strangers. A flatshare will go more smoothly if you are a people person. However, even a people person needs higher than usual tolerance levels to survive a flatshare.  Know the crowd you will be living with before getting in. A crowd over 35 will be quieter, which is ok if you prefer a more sedentary existence. If the crowd is under 30, be sure there will be riotous nights and strangers coming in and out all the time.

Mark your space and property

You can optimize the little space that you have to make it home away from home. You can make it a sanctuary where you can have some quiet and privacy. Install multi-purpose furniture like beds with drawers such that you do not have to buy a separate chest of drawers.

You can mark your territory by color coding your stuff like glassware and dishes. This should also be done for foodstuff and other consumables. Make it clear that you are not a miser but you would appreciate anyone using your stuff to request and replace as soon as possible.

Draw up duty rotas

There will be those who will be reluctant to put in the work to keep the house clean. To avoid arguments all the time, draw up a duty rota so that it is clear on who is eschewing chores. If the duty rota becomes problematic to follow, outsource the cleaning to a cleaning service and share the costs.

Be clear on the finances

Finances can become a flashpoint in a Flatshare Manchester arrangement when some people start falling back on their financial obligations. Always keep records of who is paying for what.

Have some flexibility

A flatshare experience is a good opportunity to see people at their unpretentious best. You will see dead drunk people. There will be Bible thumpers and those who pray five or more times a day. You might have the occasional nerd who is always buried in his books. Stay flexible and accept people just as they are.

Have fun

A flatshare Manchester arrangement is a great opportunity to make lifelong friendships. Most people are just normal people going about their lives and trying to survive in the city.  Get to know them and have fun.