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Hiring Man with a Van Services: What You Need to Know

Read Below when ordering Man with a Van Services

If you need to move a few items affordably, man with a van London service would be your best bet. Man with a van services are flexible, versatile and easily deployed to any part of London. A van will fit in narrow streets and smaller parking where a bigger removals truck would have difficulties. There are many outfits offering man and van services meaning you can get one within 5 minutes of opening the classifieds. However, to avoid disappointments there are a few things you should keep in mind.


The flexible nature of engaging man with a van London services can make it easy to overlook pricing details. This in many cases leads to a dispute when the van driver eventually makes his payment demand, and you think that the charges are exorbitant.  Avoid this kind of situation by asking for a price quote upfront. There are different types of quotes:

  • By the hour – The price quote is by the hour which means the invoice will depend on the hours spent on the job. This type of billing could be a bit tricky if the driver of the van is not familiar with the route, or if the items to pack are cumbersome making the loading slow.
  • By mileage – The billing is done per kilometer/mile covered. Many man with a van services prefer this type of billing for long distances.
  • Fixed – This is where the price is fixed regardless of the distance or hours spent, or the distance covered. This kind of quote is usually higher as the service avoids loss in case the mileage is higher, or the hours longer than expected.

Size of the van

Ideally, you should be looking for a van that can carry all the items in one trip. This is to avoid repeat trips which will push up your bill.  Some man with a van London services will allow you to change the van if it is inadequate, but it is best if you get the van size right the first time.

People on the job

The affordability of man and van services comes at a cost. You will have to help out. This is more so when the items being moved are bulky and heavy such that the driver of the van cannot move them by alone, for example, a couch.  Look at the items to be moved and make a choice whether to get involved in the heavy lifting, or ask for a two man team which will cost you more.