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5 Tricks to Use for Cheap Tenancy Cleaning Prices London

The importance of clean rental units in keeping high occupancy rates cannot be ignored. Any potential with a discerning eye will flee at the first hint of n unhygienic unit. This means that vacated units and those being prepared for rental have to be spotlessly clean at all times. There is an added advantage in professionally cleaned units as they can fetch higher rents if there is a high demand for them. Having a professional cleaning service on the job is your guarantee as a landlord for clean units. If you shy away from using professional cleaning services, there are a few tricks you can use to get cheap tenancy cleaning prices.

Get social media referrals

There are numerous of people on your social media networks who are willing to recommend a cleaning service they have used or heard of. Facebook and Pinterest are good places to start. You can then move on to review pages to see what people are saying about the recommendations you get.

Use realtors

As a landlord it is likely that you are on good terms with a few realtors. They have many contacts to cleaning services they work with when preparing the units under their care for occupation. Alternatively, you could also ask fellow landlords to give you several recommendations.

Use price quotes

Few people realize the importance of comparing prices among different cleaning services. Don’t go for the first price you have been offered. You should collect 3-5 price quotes for comparison. A price quote will detail and show you what the cleaning service is charging for the different tasks to be handled. Do the comparisons looking at the whole package instead of the price only. Some cleaning services will charge higher and have broader services e.g. clearing stains on the outer walls.

Ask for a site visit

A cleaning service will most likely give you a high price quote if they haven’t been on site. This is because they would not want to underestimate and end up incurring costs higher than expected. When having a sales rep do a visual assessment, the price quoted is likely to come down.

Haggle hard

There are numerous cleaning services.  Many are willing to offer a discount and go out of their way to entice you in. Use your haggling skills to get a steep discount.

It is possible to have proper tenancy cleaning with cheap Tenancy Cleaning Prices London. Keeping your rental units clean will keep the tenants flowing in and assure you of steady rents.