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3 Smart Reasons to Hire End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Moving houses is usually a headache. Furniture to be moved packed and unpacked, settling into new surroundings, items forgotten at the old place and so on. One headache that you can’t go around is the end of tenancy cleaning. It is right there in the tenancy agreement that you should leave the house as clean as you found it.  If this condition is not fulfilled, the landlord will hold your tenancy deposit which you might badly need to ease with the finances.  Putting end of tenancy cleaning services on the job is the only guarantee you have against this kind of scenario.  Professional cleaners ease your house moving in several ways.

Ensuring proper cleaning is done

There is more to end of tenancy cleaning than the usual general cleaning. Stains have to come off the floor and walls, upholstery has to be cleaned,  kitchen utensils have to be cleaned, and the bathroom scum has to be scrubbed off among a hundred other tasks. This is not a one or two person job. Trying to tackle it on your own would be a disaster. It would be a waste of time and energy as chances are that it would not come out right.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning services do a thorough cleaning job, cleaning the house from top to bottom. The dust and cobwebs on the ceiling will be wiped off as well as the stubborn stains on the floor.

Resources on the job

Your usual cleaning jobs require a hoover, mop and bucket. You will be awfully unprepared to tackle a heavy duty cleaning job like end of tenancy cleaning. You don’t have the enabling equipment like ladder to reach at hard-to-reach dirt on the ceiling and far corners.  Stains that have been on the carpet for a long time cannot be washed off with supermarket detergent.

An end of tenancy cleaning service will have the tools, equipment and cleaning materials needed on the job. Hoovers, steam cleaners and industrial grade detergents will be put on the job. Most important of all, there will be experienced people on the job. A job that would have taken 3 days will be done in a few hours.

Saving on time and money

If you need your tenancy deposit back quickly, it would depend on how fast you can do proper end of tenancy cleaning. A poor job will have to be repeated which will cost you time and more money. An end of tenancy cleaning service will do the job properly the first time ensuring your tenancy deposit is reimbursed quickly.